This new programme allows "The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™" (the "Game") subscribers to receive a £5 (five pounds sterling) gift voucher for use on www.amazon.co.uk for each of the first five friends that are successfully referred (subject to the terms and conditions below) to the Game. Participation in this Referral Program (the "Referral Program") is optional and voluntary.

1.A subscriber who has an active, paid online account to play the Game ("Customer" or "you") may refer an unlimited number of friends ("Guests") through the "Refer a Friend" website (www.lotro-europe.com/refer) (the "Referral Website) to play the Game on servers hosted by The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters) in the European Union, subject to availability and these terms and conditions.

2.Once a Customer submits a Guest's e-mail address to Codemasters through the Referral Website, an automatic e-mail invitation will be sent to that Guest. The e-mail invitation will include an activation key (a "Guest Key") to permit the Guest to play the Game for fourteen (14) consecutive days following activation (the "Guest Trial Period"). If any Guest receives multiple e-mail invitations due to referrals from multiple subscribers, the £5 (five pounds sterling) gift voucher for use on www.amazon.co.uk shall be allocated only to the subscriber whose Guest Key is used to activate the Guest Trial Period. Guests who wish to continue to play the Game must purchase the full retail or digital edition of the Game client software at stores located in the European Union or from authorized online or digital distributors (the "Full Product") and activate the Full Product using the activation key that accompanies such Full Product (the "Full Product Key"). Guests who purchase the full digital edition of the Game during or following their Guest Trial Period shall be entitled to a discount of 25% off the RRP of such full digital edition of the Game, where such Game is purchased from the Codemasters e-store during the term of the Referral Programme. Purchases are non-refundable, subject to applicable laws.

3.You are responsible for obtaining your Guest's permission to share their e-mail address with Codemasters. The Guests you refer into this Referral Program should be aware of your referral, and should be expecting our e-mail. The Codemasters Referral Program may not be used to send unsolicited e-mails. By entering and submitting a Guests e-mail address via the Referral Website, you confirm that such Guest has expressly consented to you providing their e-mail address to Codemasters for the purpose of this Referral Program. Please note that Guests will be informed of your identity as the referrer when first contacted by Codemasters.

4.Guests who you refer to this Referral Program will be linked to your Game subscription. Please avoid sharing Guest Keys with people who may abuse them or are likely to violate the applicable End User License Agreement, Code of Conduct or Terms of Service ("End User Agreements"). Acceptance of and compliance with the applicable End User Agreements by all Guests is required.

5.If, during the term of the Referral Program, a Customer's Guest accepts a subscriber's referral, completes the relevant Guest Trial Period, purchases a Full Product and is successfully billed for a paid subscription (a "Successful Referral"), that Customer will receive a £5 (five pounds sterling) gift voucher for use on www.amazon.co.uk for each of the first five Guests referred by that Customer who complete a Successful Referral.

6.In order to preserve characters created during the Guest Trial Period, Guests must upgrade their Guest trial subscription when activating their Full Product Key.

7.Only one invitation per e-mail address will be allowed to participate as a Guest in this Referral Program. If a Guest was previously invited by one Customer, neither that Customer nor any another Customer may invite that Guest again

8.Guest Keys may only be activated during the term of the Referral Programme, (subject to change or extension by Codemasters). For the avoidance of doubt, Players will only receive a £5 (five pounds sterling) gift voucher for use on www.amazon.co.uk, or a discount of 25% off the RRP of the full digital edition of the Game, if their refererred Friends' Guest Key is activated during the term of the Referral Programme.

9.Guest Keys (and any associated benefits) are available to new Game subscriptions only and not existing Game subscriptions.

10.Only players located in the European Union are eligible for this Referral Program.

11.Gameplay requires Internet connection. Guests are responsible for their own telecommunications charges. Online subscription fees apply. Guests' personal computers must meet certain minimum system requirements to play the Game; however, the recommended system requirements are advised for better performance. Gameplay during the Guest Trial Period is subject to network and server availability and may be interrupted by the service provider for testing and system and software updates.

12.Guest Keys have no cash value, are non-refundable and non-transferable (except as expressly permitted above).

13.This Referral Program is void where prohibited. This Referral Program is subject to change and may be suspended or terminated by Codemasters at any time for any or no reason, and with or without notice.

By participating in the Codemasters Referral Program and submitting Guest e-mail addresses to Codemasters, you hereby agree to the foregoing Terms and Conditions. Updates may be made to these Terms and Conditions at any time with or without notice at www.lotro-europe.com/refer and your continued use of the Referral Programme indicates your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.