LOTRO Leveling – The Ultimate Questing Guide

If you’re having trouble leveling in LOTRO then you’re in the right place. Discover how you can make your leveling much easier than ever before. No matter whether you want to play a hobbit, man, elf, or a dwarf it doesn’t matter because all the races are covered.

This shocking guide will help you quest efficiently to level faster than ever before. This incredible guide will show you how to level up step by step no matter what you want to play.

Best of all there is almost no grinding. LOTR Online isn’t a grinding game and grinding is discouraged by giving you next to nothing for grinding kills. It’s a quest based game that rewards you for questing, so that is why you need a questing guide, not a grinding guide.

Newbie Introduction Guide

Discover how to get started with our newbie guide and discover everything about the basics of LOTR Online. These start out showing you about your basic screen layout, understanding your quest and social windows, virtues, what happens when you die. We’ve even revealed a huge list of group traits which are special abilities you can only do while in a group for more damage and combos.

Also discover exactly how the reputation system works, character skills, traits and character stats. An introduction to the musical instruments and how you can play your own notes and amaze other players with your music skills by playing such songs as Sweet Child of Mine, Fade to Black, and even Stairway to Heaven.

The Newbies guide will give you a great understanding of how all the basic things in LOTR Online work and will prevent you from having to ask someone what this or that does.

All Races and Classes Covered

Play any race, we’ve got you covered. Not only did we list each race up to the meeting point of 13, but it doesn’t matter what class you want to be. On top of that there is a great introduction and explanation of each race and class. You’ll be introduced as well to what each race starts out with, what classes they can play, their starting stats and more.

Every class is also introduced by showing you a description of what race that class can be, their role in a party, what weapons and armor they can use, and the skills, traits, and accomplishments of each class. This guide will show you how to power level to 15 quicker than you could ever imagine.

The Ultimate Crafting Guide For The Crafter At Heart

Are you a crafter? Do you love making things? Well you will also get an in depth guide to crafting in Middle Earth. It will help you decide what profession you want to do, or how to get an NPC to do a work order for you.

You will discover how to purchase or harvest materials, how to set your interface for crafting, advancement, crafting tiers, and how to become the highest crafter, a master.

You will also discover where all the crafting tools are. This will show you, for example, where a forge or a cooks oven may be in what town. This is similar to that of Asheron’s Call 2 in how each town had crafting areas that improved your skill by being near. Each profession also shows you where your crafting locations are along with novice and expert trainers.

Even the crafting quests are covered. This is a bit of a spoiler but it’s nice if you need the help. You’ll even get a rare crafting component list.

Do You PvP? Try PvPM

What is PvPM? It’s the new type of PvP in LOTR Online. Instead of having PvP zones or special modes for PvP, you talk to a specific NPC and are transported into the body of a level 50 monster. There are 5 to choose from which are warg stalkers, orc weavers, spider weavers, and uruk blackeaders and blackarrows.You can even make your monster stronger too.

It works by controlling the monster and attacking players in a special zone. It’s an interesting new twist to PvP that lets you have a lot of fun. If you hate PvP then you never even have to touch the zone as a player, or look through the eyes of a monster. The zone for this special PvP never has to be entered if you don’t want to.