Loot Bag

A special selection of ten game objects:

  • Bree’s Horse (mount for level 15 and higher characters)
  • Agility Ring (+3 Agility)
  • Ranger Cloak (+42 in armor, + 5% non-combat movement speed)
  • Imladris’s Travel Loaves (Suppresses the effects of poisons and wounds. Restores power, heals damage, and boosts morale and power)
  • Scented candles (+10 in radiation, pack of 5)
  • Lucky Horseshoe (+5 in destiny, again +5 in destiny when activated)
  • Durin’s Crown Cape (+42 in armor, +120 in non-combat morale regeneration)
  • 5 acid resistance potions (+100 in acid defense, for 21 minutes)
  • Poisonous dormouse (Interior decoration, this dormouse comes out of its hole to go around your home)
  • Ore Extractor Helmet (Cosmetic item)