Mines of Moria – FAQ

What is the landmass of each of these new regions?
Moria is big, really big. Over 7 million square meters to be precise.
What's the level requirement to enter Moria?
Moria itself is designed for players level 50 and higher.
What new playable classes are there in Moria?
Moria sees the addition of the Warden and the Rune-keeper classes.
What is the new level cap?
The level cap will be raised to 60 for anyone who purchases Mines of Moria
How will players encounter Durin’s Bane, the Balrog?
Durin’s Bane is involved in the Epic Story of Volume II
Can I play Shadows of Angmar without the Expansion Pack?
Yes, you can continue to play The Lord of the Rings Online without the expansion pack, however you will be missing out on all of the new features and game enhancements the expansion pack offers.
I’m a lifetime member; will I have to pay a new lifetime fee for Moria?
No, all you need to do is buy the expansion pack and enter the code. No additional subscription fee is required.
What is the Legendary Items system?
The Legendary Item System adds a new level of character customization to The Lord of the Rings Online™. This unique system allows items to grow with your character and gain potency by adding powerful Relics to give your item additional powers. Create your own Sting!
Does the Epic Story continue?
Yes, the epic story continues into Volume 2. Numerous new books await players in the depths of Moria and beyond.
Can I play Mines Of Moria without the Expansion Pack?
How long will it take to advance from level 50 to level 60?
The levelling curve doesn’t dramatically deviate from the later levels of The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™.
Where can I buy Mines of Moria?
There are multiple ways in which you can buy the new expansion.
Will new raids & dungeons be released with the Expansion Pack?
Yes, more details about the content coming with the Mines of Moria will be released over the coming months.
Will I have to pay an additional monthly fee?
No. If you are a current subscriber to The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, no additional subscription fee will be required.
When will the expansion be released?
The target release date for the expansion pack is currently end of 2008; specifics have not yet been made.
Will the expansion be released globally at the same time?
At this time we are aiming for a simultaneous global release of the Mines of Moria across Europe and North America.
What will the new lands players can explore be?
How can I pre-order the new Expansion pack?
You can pre-order the new Expansion pack from one of the options listed on the new pre-order page at: http://www.lotro-europe.com/minesofmoria/preorder
How can I buy the new Expansion pack?
There are multiple ways in which you can buy the new expansion. For all the details on how to pre-order your copy, please visit the pre-order page at: http://www.lotro-europe.com/minesofmoria/preorder
Is there a Special edition?
Yes, there is a Special Edition available. For full details on what is included in this edition, please visit our pre-order page at: http://www.lotro-europe.com/minesofmoria/preorder